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Quality education is education that works for every child and enables all children to achieve their full potential.

Quality education is education that works for every child and enables all children to achieve their full potential.

TFO scholarships is a project under the fortress organization. This project focuses on providing education, supporting students that can’t afford to get an education, improving education standard and promotion of literacy in rural and urban areas.

Project Goal: Ensuring right to Education to deprived rural and urban children through integration of support system and responsive community action.

Project Objectives:

Spread awareness and motivate parents in target locations on importance of children’s education

To facilitate and develop a model of Child friendly education system and to create interest amongst the children towards formal, vocational skills and life skills education system

Create a participatory model of Community Schooling through integrating the existing education / school and support systems.

Ensure participation of children in developing child friendly teaching learning materials and facilitate their process of learning joyful.

Philosophy: Right to Education for every child should be a reality and needs to be translated into action to bring a visible change through involvement of the people who deserve it most, those who belong to the tertiary sector of life, livelihood as compared to the mainstream of civilization. In this mission we have to ensure participation and direct involvement of all the community people and to include the existing facilities, resources and the system in our work area.

Project beneficiaries: The direct beneficiaries of this project will be primary, junior and senior secondary for the mainstreaming program. The program will target vulnerable students, deprived Children and teens, street children and teens, slum children and teens, working children and teens, students of families that are in destitute situations, students with single parents and double orphans, non-school going children/ teens and school dropped out children/ teens of the community through this project. Indirectly we can ensure participation of community children & parents, formal schools, local authority, clubs and collaboration other NGOs.

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