The numbers of suicide cases are rapidly increasing every year, globally 800,000 people die from suicide every year. It is unfortunate that little or no concern is shown. It is so disheartening to note that most of these cases are increasing especially amongst the young people.

Many young people are resorting to suicide or drug addiction due to depression or challenges that they can’t talk about with anyone. This is because people who are trusted to offer support may lack confidentiality sometimes. This discourages many people to talk about their problems. Hence, they resort to suicide.

Mental health awareness will be one of our major projects to help reduce the number of suicide cases and provide a platform that offers counselling and guidance to different communities. This platform will help many people to be able to talk about their problems and challenges with the help of counselors. As an organization we will offer rehabilitation programs for people battling with different cases related to this project. I.e. drug addiction. 

Project goal: Promoting mental health and reducing suicide cases.

Project objectives;

  1. Promotion of mental health.

  2. Reducing the number of suicide cases.

  3. Rehabilitation.

  4. Providing counselling services.

  5. Encouraging people to be able to talk about their problems.

  6. Offering support.