The Fortress of Hope organization start-ups and CDP (Community Development Project) program is aimed at poverty alleviation

As part of our vision, the fortress of Hope organization will endeavor to be a movement of change, to be an anchor to the needy and vulnerable.

 Project goal: This program focuses on improving people’s welfare and livelihood through our different projects.

Below is a list of the types of funds under this program.  

  1. Marketeers Fund  

  2. Business start-up Fund

  3. Vulnerable Family Fund   

Project Objective;

  1. Empowerment

  2. To reduce vulnerability in communities.

  3. Promotion of self-resilience.

  4. Sensitization on the importance of saving,

  5. Promotion of entrepreneurship and local businesses.

  6. Poverty alleviation.

  7. Reducing unemployment.

Project beneficiaries:

  1. Vulnerable men and women in communities.

  2. Marketeers

  3. Unemployed youths.

  4. People lacking capital to start businesses.

  5. People with small businesses that are not profitable.

  6. People in rural areas.