Fortress of Hope relies on donations from people like you to fund all operations. From staffing to food to clothing, donors supply the money needed to make a difference in the lives of these children.

If you would like to support a direct need at Fortress of Hope, here is a list of continuous costs that you can choose from when you click "Donate" below:

  • $16.00 (Pays one month of school transportation [one child])
  • $25.00 (Pays one month of school tuition [one child])
  • $53.60 (Buys school books, uniforms and supplies [one child])
  • $400.00 (Pays one month transportation costs for EVERYONE at Fortress of Hope)
  • $150.00 (Pays for this month's birthday party!)
  • $361.30 (Feeds EVERYONE at Fortress of Hope for a week!)

Note: 100% of your donation will go to funding for Fortress of Hope in Managua, minus a 3% processing fee to the host of the service.

To donate, select from 3 simple choices:

1. To make a one-time donation electronically, click the "Donate" button below:


2. To make a recurring donation, please visit our contact page and send a brief message. We'll respond as quickly as possible!

3. To send a donation by mail, make a check out to "Fortress of Hope" and send to the following address:

Fortress of Hope

PO Box 200

Hartville, OH 44632